Why the camera is so necessary

> 1 350 000

people die in road accidents
worldwide annually

up to 80 %

of accidents happen due
to the drivers’ mistakes

up to 15 %

of dead accidents happen because
of drowsy drivers

SignalQ helps

The camera makes a signal when
a driver is drowsy or inattentive
Lower the cost of standstill, repairments, depreciation
Because the chance of road accidents is lower, the cost of repairs and parts is lower
Resolve conflicts
on the road
You’ll have video recordings
to prove you’re right

SignalQ is great for

SignalQ is great for big
and small motor pools
Companies with
their own fleet
All kinds of public

How SignalQ
makes rides safer

The camera detects drivers’ conditions
by their mimics and head movements
If a driver is tired, drowsy, or inattentive, smoking, or eating at the wheel, the camera makes a sound signal and sends a video of such events to the server
Thanks to the videos and statistics, you can discuss all the cases with the driver, warn and block those that drive carelessly

Why it has to be SignalQ

Fast and accurate algorithms
The camera determines inattentiveness, tiredness,
and drowsiness, distraction by the phone, smoking,
and even unfastened seatbelts.
Convenient software
Watch videos of violations, «peek» into the car during rides, watch all the cars with the cameras on the map, and use the detailed statistics from each device.
High-quality situation analysis
in any conditions
The camera detects events in the darkness and in bright sunlight, in cold and in hot weather, with vibrations and even without an Internet connection.
Meets the requirements
for commercial transportation
The camera is good for private businesses
and organizations working with the city transport.
The camera sees the location of the vehicle, movements tracks, can detect careless driving
and accidents.
Reliable construction
and simple installation
The adjustable stand is attached with
tape or a suction cup — fast and strong.

Also —
affordable price Buy


Does the camera record sound?
The camera records sound only in the alarm mode. Only the driver can enable it. There’s a special button on the camera body for that.
Does the camera record black and white or color video?
The in-salon recording is black and white. The DVR records color video.
Where are the filmed video materials stored?
The camera has a memory card in it that contains the videos filmed by the DVR. All the other materials are instantly sent to the servers and stored there. All data is under strong Yandex protection.
How many people can use the camera software at the same time?
There are no limits. You need a password to enter the monitoring center.
Is there a subscription fee to use the camera software?
There is. You will get more information before buying.
Is it difficult to install the camera inside the car?

Camera installation doesn’t require any specific skills or equipment. It’s connected to the electrical system of the car and fixed with two-sided tape or suction cup. It takes about 15 minutes. Here is the manual

What kind of vehicles can the camera be installed into?
Any kind: cars, trucks, buses. The camera is connected with a universal power adapter — it’s compatible with any vehicle.
What can the camera do?
The camera determines if the driver is smoking while driving, if they are drowsy, exhausted, or inattentive at the wheel. The camera also tracks careless driving, unfastened seatbelts, and talking on the phone without hands-free systems. If someone covers the lens or turns the camera away, it will notice it, too. Every single violation is sent to the monitoring center where the video from the camera can be watched. Also, the information about the violation (time, date, location) will be recorded. We’re constantly working on new features. The camera is learning new things, so don’t forget to check the news!
Can I choose what the camera will recognize?
You can choose the necessary settings in the menu. In the settings, you can choose the types of events you want to be added to the statistics, and the types of events you think are unimportant, so the camera will ignore them. There’s no need to set up every single camera individually. Just set one up and apply the settings to all other cameras, or connect them in groups.
Is the SignalQ2 camera a good choice for companies with big fleets?
There may be as many cameras as possible in one vehicle fleet. All of them are accessible in the monitoring center. It’s easy to find the necessary camera and look through the events it registered. The cameras can be grouped in any way you need, for example, different groups for different branches. Statistical data is collected by all the cameras. It helps to determine the most frequent violations and the people that break rules more often than others.
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